Gamechanger Flower Essence Room Spray


A flower essence mist to inspire effortless action.


Why We Love This

Inspiring effortless action and spacious creativity, this Flower MIst helps you shake free from stress and stagnation so that you can tackle life and work with lighthearted abandon. The 30ml bottle packs easily in a handbag and can be used any time, day or night. Mist your skin, your linens, your car or your office for a quick and dramatic infusion of tranquility.


This rich, clean aroma carries the sweet, smoky scents of floral abundance. It includes: Giant Spider Lily, to vision life as a joyful celebration; Pink Primrose, to invoke creativity and innovation; Date Palm, to inspire a sense of timeless freedom; Banana Blossom, to dissolve fears of ‘running out of time’; Yarrow, to clear energetic saturation (from technology and other people); Pink Lotus, to embrace wisdom and insight; and Sulphur Mineral Essence, to ground yourself in discipline and conscious change.

About the Maker

Katie Hess created Lotuswei to transport us to the natural world and open the world inside ourselves. Harnessing the magic of flower elixirs is an effortless way to dispel stress and make life smoother. Every flower is unique and beautiful and wild, and takes up as much space as it needs to. When you soak up this truth of nature, you understand that you’re exactly what you need to be. Nature helps us shift our inner landscapes, so that our outer landscapes can reflect back a new reality.

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Weight 14.0 oz


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