Gate of Rebirth : Astrology, Regeneration and 8th House Mysteries

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The 8th house is one of the least understood of the 12 houses of the horoscope, yet investigation reveals this to be a gateway to crucial issues of the human experience, by confronting individuals and society with inescapeable challenges for greater understanding and insight. By explaining the myth of rebirth, renewal, and regeneration, Haydn Paul seeks to add to our understanding of the 8th house. Gate of Rebirth explores the urgent need for astrologers to understand the potential redemptive experience that a psychological descent through this regenerative gate can offer. Paul talks about personal and planetary values, power manipulation, comulsion, obsession, sexual and emotional unions, and the wounded healer. He also discusses the dark side of the 8th houserepression, taboos, death as a process of renewalso that astrologers can make better decisions about how the 8th house really works in the natal chart.

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