Gem Remedy Confidence Stability Bracelet


Silk bracelet with peridot and labradorite, available in one size, made exclusively for Bodhi Tree


Why We Love This

If we could replace medications with jewelry, we’d do it, and that’s the idea behind this 100% silk bracelet. The maker says she cleanses her own thoughts and evens out her vibrational energy before she sits down to craft one, clearing the way for each stone to share its natural healing benefits.


Strung between sterling silver findings on a grey silk cord, the gemstones are anything but neutral. Known for cleansing the heart and providing self-confidence, the green-grey peridot complements the blue-gray labradorite, which is said to purify, align and protect all the chakras. The maker suggests placing it on the third-eye chakra to dissolve blocked psychic power, release tension, and even heal migraines. Hold it over the crown chakra for protection against negative external influences. This bracelet is designed to support meditation, healing, dreaming and visualizing.

About the Maker

Gemstones and crystals have fascinated Dana Schmalenberg since childhood, when she learned that Native Americans used them for healing. This, coupled with her education in the arts, gave rise to Gem Remedy. Combining the metaphysical theories of color and gemstone therapy, Schmalenberg creates jewelry with different energetic properties that work like prescriptions. Committed to helping those in need, a portion of the profits is donated to Los Angeles women’s shelters.

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