Glass Tea Pot w/Porcelain Lid & Stainless Steel Infuser

Glass teapot with a porcelain top and micro-punched infuser


Why We Love This

Elevate the ritual of making tea thanks to this glass teapot with a matte-finish porcelain lid available in red, blue, brown, grey and white. We love the patented design, featuring a micro-punched stainless-steel mesh infuser that delivers all the flavor in a clean pour.


Tea has been around since Chinese emperors enjoyed it in the 2nd century BC. A century later, the beverage spread to Japan, and in time elaborate Japanese tea ceremonies developed that are still observed by many Japanese today. In the 17th century, porcelain was first made in Hasami, Nagasaki, Japan’s most famous pottery district. Today the tradition continues with Hasami Porcelain, who makes the top for this teapot. The ritual of Japanese tea can be embraced by brewing it in this modern teapot that honors the ancient process.

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Weight 16 oz

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