Grey Wood Rose Quartz Mala


A rose quartz pendant on a mala made of wooden beads, designed to nurture unconditional love and gratitude

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Why We Love This

Believed to carry feminine energies of compassion, healing and nourishment, a rose quartz pendant is strung with the customary 108 wood beads that is a mala, a traditional Buddhist prayer necklace used for counting repetitions during spiritual practices. The pendant is accented with small beads of copper, a mineral that conducts energy and is said to promote mental agility and amplify the energy of rose quartz.


Mala beads are used while reciting, chanting, repeating a mantra during a spiritual practice or breathing during meditation. Turn each bead, held between the thumb and forefinger, for every prayer or breath. This keeps the focus on the meaning and/or sound of the mantra rather than being distracted by the need to count. Rose quartz is believed to dissolve emotional wounds and restore a loving energy that inspires the gratitude of beauty in the self, others and nature. This translucent stone is paired with smoky grey, natural wood beads that are lightweight and wrap around the wrist easily to wear as a bracelet. Though a tool for spiritual practices, wearing this necklace throughout the day can be a reminder of intentions. Note that crystal practitioners use crystals for specific purposes. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat health conditions.

About the Maker

Becoming a self-taught jewelry maker was a natural turn for Natalie Mitchell, who studied textile design at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, California before founding Kolored Krowns, a line of jewelry inspired by the individuality of raw crystals as well as the range and depth of their colors. Working with natural gemstones, she creates jewelry as a way to capture what she considers “the mystery of life’s natural energies that remain unseen.” As she adds each bead and ties each knot, she repeats a mantra, infusing the finished necklace with intention.

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