Grown Alchemist Body Cream: Mandarin & Rosemary Leaf


Body cream to soothe the appearance of dry skin, available in two sizes

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Why We Love This

We love that the bioactive ingredients in this deeply hydrating body cream, like the vitamin C from cold-pressed mandarin orange oil, work to nourish, moisturize and restore the skin’s elasticity and suppleness. This cream is packed with free-radical fighting ingredients—jojoba, grape seed and rosehip oils, and moisturizing shea butter.


As a community, we’re paying more and more attention to the ingredients we apply to our skin. Grown Alchemist¬†uses only certified organic botanicals and powerful natural actives to achieve results. That means no chemicals or artificial ingredients that might cause harm. While chemistry plays an important part in crafting the formulas in this skincare line, biology is part of the equation as well. The body recognizes the molecular structure of natural ingredients, and assimilates them in the most effective way possible. Grown Alchemist pays special attention to the specific types of collagen and elastin that support our skin, but that diminish as we age.

About the Maker

Grown Alchemist has built a global team of cosmetic chemists dedicated to creating a new generation of chemical-free skincare products. Their goal: to both improve skin and regenerate feelings of beauty, and to be good to the earth, nature and the women and men who love their cleansers, serums and oils by using only organic materials and sustainable practices. Their products are carefully placed in packaging that both protects the formulas and is made from recycled materials.

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