Guru of Golf : And Other Stories About the Game of Life


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In a sense, these stories are a game of golf. Read these 18 tales and you will have played a round. At the same time, you will have made a tour of the planets, as old theologies recommend. You will have met the “hazards” of life and maybe even accomplished the miracle of a hole in one.

I don’t want to explain it all away, but let me say that the phrase hole in one reminds me of the Zen circle representing the fullness of whatever has been completely emptied. A game seems empty, from a certain point of view. It is a waste of good time. Adult men and women chase a tiny ball around heaps of earth and occasional absurdly cultivated “greens.” All the while, they could be doing something productive. But from a spiritual point of view, this emptiness is precious.

Just think about that hole in the ground, the object of the chase. Like a kiva. An emptiness in the earth. The empty tomb. A portal to the underworld. A goal that is nothing. Like waiting for Godot. Like sitting at meditation. Like being open to life.

What metaphors! And how wonderfully Zen! After writing this I feel that maybe I should work less and play golf more.

For centuries, the game of golf has captivated everyone from the poor working class to the upper crust of society. There is something enigmatic about the game that sets it apart from all other sports. Rife with strict rules on etiquette, yet often played in solitude, golf truly tests the body, mind, and spirit.

In this collection of 18 short stories, The Guru of Golf celebrates perhaps one of the most widely popular of athletic pursuits. Thomas Moore shows us how golf can be a perfect metaphor for life itself—endlessly mysterious, joyful, and fascinating; while at times frustrating, infuriating, and unbearable. From the tee to the green, Moore intertwines modern and classical tales that illustrate the challenges players face—both on and off the course.

Humorous and insightful, The Guru of Golf captures the range of emotions associated with its players’ ardent determination; searches for meaning behind quiet moments; and reveals the struggles that try our patience, as well as the victories that make the game—and life—worthwhile.

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