Hafez : Teachings of the Philosopher of Love

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An exploration of the Persian poet’s spiritual philosophy, with original translations of his poetry

. Features extensive insight into the meanings and contexts of the poetry and philosophies of this spiritual teacher

. Includes over 30 complete poems by Haf_z, including “The Wild Deer,” often regarded as his masterpiece

For 600 years the Persian poet Haf_z has been read, recited, quoted, and loved by millions of people in his homeland and throughout the world. Like his predecessor Rumi, he is a spiritual guide in our search for life’s essence. Haf_z is both a mystic philosopher and a heartfelt poet of desires and fears.

Haf_z: Teachings of the Philosopher of Love is the perfect introduction to the man known as the philosopher of love, whose message of spiritual transcendence through rapture and service to others is especially important to our troubled world. His wisdom speaks directly to the cutting edge of philosophy, psychology, social theory, and education and can serve as a bridge of understanding between the West and the Middle East, two cultures in desperate need of mutual empathy.

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