Hand-dyed Braided Cotton Necklace with Copper Amethyst Point


A large-scale modern necklace that combines copper and amethyst with braided cotton

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Why We Love This

Copper and amethyst are brought together in this necklace made of braided cotton. Amethyst is believed to still the mind and enhance contemplation, while copper is considered a mineral that nurtures mental agility. This point pendant uses a shape that directs energy, so it can be worn as a talisman for focus and success.


Earthy materialsógemstone, metal and cottonóare in a necklace intended by the maker to be an instrument of personal healing. Copper is believed to move psychic and mental energies, helping to shift long-held tendencies and revitalize thoughts. Amethyst, a gemstone associated with spirituality and contentment, is believed to strengthen imagination and intuition. Note that crystal practitioners use crystals for specific purposes. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat health conditions.

About the Maker

Becoming a self-taught jewelry maker was a natural turn for Natalie Mitchell, who studied textile design at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, California before founding Kolored Krowns, a line of jewelry inspired by the individuality of raw crystals as well as the range and depth of their colors. Working with natural gemstones, she creates jewelry as a way to capture what she considers “the mystery of life’s natural energies that remain unseen.” As she adds each bead and ties each knot, she repeats a mantra, infusing the finished necklace with intention.

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Weight 3.5 oz
Dimensions 24 in


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