Hand Dyed Indigo Single Layer Silk Scarf


Striped indigo scarf made of silk


Why We Love This

This scarf represents the revival of the lost art of crafting natural Bengal indigo. We love the imperfect waves of blue and white stripes and the flowy nature of fabric. Wear it and embrace the soul and love of the artisans in Bangladesh who handcrafted these dreamy textiles.


A textile from this region is made with love and care, plus hundreds and hundreds of hours of labor. The makers of these scarves use a dying method that’s similar to origami, called nui shibori. The fabric is folded and stitched before being dyed with natural indigo, and the patterns and designs emerge once the textile is unfolded. The silk is from Bangladesh, as is the dye, farmed from local indigo trees. The country is one of the most significant producers of indigo in the world, and the indigotin content used in this scarf is defined as true indigo, produced in the northern region of the country, and is of the highest quality and concentration. Living Blue not only produces beautiful pieces, but They’re also doing good for the world. A percentage of the profits are shared with the collective, boosting local economies and their ability to govern and manage freely. Measures 68″ x 28″.

About the Maker

Deeply steeped in tradition, Living Blue is a brand with a mission. Its mostly indigo-color quilts and scarves are handcrafted by a women’s artist collective in rural Bangladesh, whose art is based on centuries-old methods and traditions, with a slightly modern touch. They often spend up to a year intensely stitching a pattern into a quilt, using designs and motifs that express the joys and sorrows that the women and their families experience in life. And their work yields not only a high-quality, soon-to-be heirloom for a collector, but also profits that help facilitate fair wages, a democratically organized and managed business, and health and wellness camps within the artisans’ communities.

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