Handmade Bronze Pen


A limited-edition pen available in brass or bronze


Why We Love This

Compact and dependable for everyday use, this pen will transform over time as its uncoated raw metal takes on a unique patina with use. We think the pen’s weight in the hand gives meaning to any writing—perfect for transcribing sacred thoughts in a journal.


The maker of this pen, Ian Schon, creates heirloom-quality products. Made from brass or bronze rod stock, it’s a new take on the pens that he previously machined by hand in his garage shop on a vintage lathe. This limited-edition pen is finished to a bright tone by a local vendor using a unique multistep process. Both the bronze and the brass versions feature a special brass slotted-set screw, cut by one of the oldest screw manufacturers in Massachusetts. Each one is inspected by hand and packaged in a protective, American-made cardboard tube. And any parts not manufactured in-house are produced under safe and ethical working conditions. It’s clear that a lot of love goes into the production of each pen.

About the Maker

Schon DSGN is based in Boston where Ian Schon designs, engineers and produces products in partnership with local manufacturers and suppliers. The company uses only the highest-quality materials and the products go through a rigorous finishing process to ensure superlative craft in each and every one. The ethos of Schon DSGN is to keep all manufacturing in the USA, with small-run batches made locally in Massachusetts.

Additional information

Weight 54.4 oz



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