Handpinched Porcelain Planter + Plate Set: Sage Speckles

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Small hand-pinched bowl with matching plate


Why We Love This

Gritty but delicate, this small, flat-bottomed bowl and plate were hand-pinched, both pieces a natural, imperfect shape. The sage-colored speckles on a white glaze makes this set a mini work of art. We use it to hold our favorite malas.


The planter and plate are hand-pinched, giving them an organic form, revealing unique bumps, waves, grooves, curves and personality. The colored speckles in the clay, known as “grog” to potters, are made by handómixed, ground, fired and sifted. It’s a lengthy process. The speckles are then wedged into the porcelain before firing. No two works are exactly alike.

About the Maker

Isabel Halley’s slightly rustic, shimmering, heirloom-quality pottery is, in part, inspired by her Louisiana grandmother’s formal gold-rimmed china. The artist, who grew up in New York, has a fascination with early 20th Century English porcelain, but modernizes that look with her own pinch process. The master ceramicist started sculpting items in kindergartenówith Silly Putty and other types of kids’ clayóbut after ceramics classes and a degree in visual arts, she switched to more adult materials, like porcelain, to craft a line of pearly pieces. Like the human spirit, her art is imperfect and perfect all at once.

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