Have a Honey Life Blank Greeting Card with Gold Foil


Folded card on heavyweight white watercolor paper with a fuchsia envelope


Why We Love This

When we send this hand-painted card, we make one thing clear: the joy of a honeymoon is fleeting, but the joy of a honey life is forever. It’s also great to share with anyone who needs to be reminded to savor the sprint and the marathon.


The beauty of E. Frances Paper’s stationery is in its simplicity√≥both in the messages expressed and the art they’re written on. Many of the cards are for specific occasions, and others simply spread a little love on any given day. Crafted in the US, the card stock contains 30% recycled fibers, the envelopes are produced using sustainable forestry without chlorine, and the printing process uses eco-friendly inks and soy-based solvents. This card will not only brighten someone’s day with its heartwarming design and message, but it will also contribute to an effort that’s helping to preserve our planet.

About the Maker

Rhode Island-based E. Frances Paper crafts unique, hand-painted cards and stationery with simple, soulful messages. The company is the collaboration between two sisters and one very sister-like cousin, who grew up to be best friends and each others’ sentence-finishers. Named after their beloved grandmothers, their company is guided by what they refer to as the three important rules: Be Kind, Be Kind, and Be Kind. A percentage of all proceeds go to children’s charities.

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