Hazy Moon of Enlightenment : Part of the on Zen Practice Series


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The authors’ previous book, On Zen Practice, was conceived as the essential primer for beginning Zen practice, offering insight to every aspect of Zen training. The Hazy Moon of Enlightenment takes readers to the next level, exploring some of Zen’s most subtle and sophisticated topics. The first two parts of the book explore enlightenment and delusion: the nature of enlightenment, what it means to describe it as ?sudden” or ?gradual,” and the nature of delusion and how to distinguish it from reality. Part three looks at ?enlightenment in action” ? what it means for someone to be living and acting in order with the deep wisdom of enlightenment, and how they can practice ?learning how to be satisfied” and enjoy serenity and tranquility. The final section is a moving firsthand account of one woman’s solitary realization of the deepest truths, a story ? like this book ? at once practical and inspiring.

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