Healer’s Wisdom : Fundamentals of Whole Body Healing – Paperback


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Develop Your Natural Healing Skills

The ancient healing wisdom of our ancestors is within all of us. You can tap into this energy to promote healing in yourself and others. With training and practice, you can strengthen your natural abilities and become a skilled healer.

The Healer’s Wisdom: Fundamentals of Whole Body Healing is an easy-to-read layperson’s manual that brings together complementary therapies for a whole body approach to healing. Complementary therapies are gentle, natural, and time-tested healing techniques designed to accompany conventional medicine.

Author Jennifer Fraser discusses the important aspects of healing, such as understanding the systems of the body, the role of the mind in promoting wellness, and the responsibilities of the healer. She presents safe and effective complementary healing therapies, including the healing power of food and vitamins, energy therapy, chakra treatments, crystal healing, color therapy, bodywork techniques, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, herbal healing and aromatherapy, and healing in emergency situations.

Help yourself and your loved ones to better health. Develop your natural healing skills and learn how you can empower others with your healing wisdom.

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