Hematite and Herkimer Diamond Necklace with Meteorite Pendant


A simple necklace of natural gemstones


Why We Love This

Jewelry designer Anna Michielan combined the metallic luster of hematite with a meteorite stone pendant and a closure of a Herkimer diamond. Hand selecting each stone for its color and its beneficial properties, she intended for this necklace to help strengthen the sharpness of the mind. We love its modern, minimal style and high-quality stones.


Anna Michielan connects with each stone and its healing properties as part of her design process. According to her, hematite increases memory and mental acuity and the rare meteorite stone embodies strength and can help enhance your potential. She also says the Herkimer diamond, a quartz crystal with exceptional clarity known as an “attunement stone” can enhance dreams and alleviate stress.

About the Maker

The Oishii collection combines beautiful jewelry design with the healing properties of gems, stones and precious metals. Venetian artist, Anna Michielan carefully selects silver, gold, copper, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, beads and rare artifacts, then meticulously transforms them into modern, versatile pieces. Committed to the wisdom in the natural world of minerals and gems, Michielan embraces the mysticism behind the materials.

Additional information

Weight 3.2 oz
Dimensions 17.25 in


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