How to Be Rich : Compact Wisdom from the World’s Greatest Wealth-builders


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The accumulated wisdom of the most celebrated motivational writers of all time is distilled into one brief playbook for unlocking the prosperity-power of your mind.

Why Not You? This is the guiding question of How to Be Rich. To answer it, this compact book gleans must-read passages, powerful meditations, and tantalizing wealth-building techniques from the collected work of the greatest motivational writers ever.

Each chapter in How to Be Rich is short enough to read in a grocery store checkout line-yet powerful enough to challenge years of ingrained, self-limiting thinking. How to Be Rich boils down the cumulative insight of leading self-help and positive-thinking guides into one surprisingly concise rule book for releasing your hidden potential.
Chapters include:

To Prosper, Let No One Control You by Christian Larson
What We Are Seeking Is Seeking Us: The Mind as Magnet by Julia Seton
The Immense, Secret Power of Gratitude by Wallace D. Wattles
Why Doing More Work Than We’re Paid for Leads to Wealth by Napoleon Hill
In Order to Get, We Must Give by Ralph Waldo Trine
The Power of Meditation by James Allen
Fourteen Steps to Success by Joseph Murphy

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