Human Rights: The A21 Campaign: Non-Profit Bracelets

A handmade beaded bracelet on stretchy elastic supports this Human Rights charity


Why We Love This

This Human Rights charity’s bracelet, or five-pack stack, is mostly black and white with a single splash of red. Bead Relief wants every person who wears one of their charity bracelets to feel empowered as a vehicle for change in the world. Wear it proudly and feel the love shared with an important cause.


The fastest-growing crime in the world, human trafficking undermines the safety, security, health and basic needs of humanity. The A21 Campaign is a nonprofit organization working to abolish injustice and help educate potential victims on how to evade trafficking. The A21 Campaign helps victims find shelter and aftercare, and feels confident human trafficking can be abolished. Join the cause by wearing this bracelet, raising awareness and much-needed funds to help The A21 Campaign accomplish its mission. In addition to a unique design, each bracelet has a signature copper Bead Relief tag. Available as a single bracelet or five-pack stack.

About the Maker

Bead Relief founders John Gornik and Greg Elias set out to build a socially conscious company that would enrich the lives of others. After seeing the need for support for nonprofit organizations across Los Angelesóespecially those that help less fortunate childrenóthe friends turned their passion for problem solving into a company. Bead Relief started with a single beaded bracelet design. Today, thousands of unique bracelets and sets of bracelets are handmade for each nonprofit partner. Dozens of charities are now recipients of Bead Relief’s good workó25% of each bracelet sale is donated to the charity for which it was created.

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