Humble Ceramics for Bodhi Tree Travelers Stone Incense Holder


A handmade clay incense burner, made exclusively for Bodhi Tree



Humble Ceramics’ Traveler’s Stone Incense Holder sits just right on its own, but is also great atop the Lunar Flat Plate to make a little altar. As artist Delphine Lippens shapes the clay, she’s mindful of her materials and infuses an intention into each form. She believes in clay’s naturally grounding properties. Her vessels and objects are made one small batch at a time in her Los Angeles studio, where she applies her philosophy of the beauty of opposites. Simple and imperfect, slight variations in each object are kept, making every piece unique. Carefully selected glazes create peaceful color palettes that blend well with other objects. Available in Grey Stone and Brown Stone.

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Weight 16.0 oz




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