ILD White Sands Bracelet: Triple Tie Black Glass beads


Triangle-beaded bracelet with tie closure


Why We Love This

With a captivating design of white, black and gold beads on a silk thread, this triple-tie White Sands Bracelet features a composition that, while asymmetrical, still maintains a sense of balance. We love that it’s classic and versatileóperfect for everyday wear.


Iwona Ludyga, of ILD, is inspired by travel, dreams and many different cultures, and intertwines all three to create elegant jewelry that tells a story. Handcrafted in Brooklyn, this White Sands Bracelet exemplifies the whiteness of sand dunes, blackness of crows, and golden light of the desert, which speaks to the artist’s affinity for the natural world. The white beaded band is broken up with a black-and-gold triangle pattern in the center. It features a tie closure and measures 5.75″.

About the Maker

ILD is the creation of multifaceted artist and designer Iwona Ludyga. Born in Poland and trained as a classical pianist, dancer and artist, Ludyga is a master of imaginative self-expression. Inspired by travels and dreams, her designs are handcrafted in Brooklyn and enriched by combining age-old techniques and textures with unlikely elements such as bone, horsehair, brass and solid gold.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 oz
Dimensions 5.75 in


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