Imagery for Getting Well : Clinical Applications of Behavioral Medicine


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This book promises to be the definitive handbook for the behavioral medicine practitioner of the ’90s. It is the first book not only to explain the use of imagery as the foundation for designing a behavioral medicine program but also to teach professionals how to design and use imagery to assist their patients with specific illnesses.
For those with life-challenging conditions, Getting Well in Orlando, Florida, offers a complete program in bodymind healing, embracing the emotional, the psychological, and the spiritual. Imagery for Getting Well is based on the author’s experiences in founding the program and on the experiences of Getting Well’s many participants, who have learned to perceive and image their worlds in new ways, totally changing their lives as a result.
In addition to sharing the background and philosophy of the program, Brigham explores in depth the synergistic components of the 28-day program: stress management, imagery training, expressive therapies, group and individual therapy, play and laughter, nutrition and exercise, high-level awareness, and much more. Throughout the book, case examples show the healing power of imagery.
Clinicians will especially appreciate the detailed scripts and “seeds for imagery” for use with a wide range of conditions affecting the immune, endocrine, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, pulmonary, and neurological systems. Individuals with life-challenging conditions will find here a rich resource for enhancing their healing. As a whole, the book is a blueprint for implementing a behavioral medicine program based on the latest findings in psychoneuroimmunology.
A treasure trove of clinical strategies, this book goes beyond the practical to inspire all those in the field of behavioral medicine to embrace the possibilities of imagery for getting well in the most profound sense.

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