Imagination Dust


A crystal bottle filled with dust to inspire imagination


Why We Love This

The faerie tradition calls for the scattering of magical dust through the atmosphere to inspire feelings of wonder, joy and whimsy. We think this crystal vial filled with Imagination Dust is the perfect reminder that our imagination knows no bounds.


At-Choo believes in the magical power of the imagination, and while it was easy to tap into when we were children, it can sometimes become harder as life gets more complicated. Perhaps all that’s needed is a little of this Imagination Dust. Featuring a label handwritten with a quill pen, an ornate silver band, and a piece of velvet to secure the contents, this 2″-tall bottle is small enough to carry in a purse or coat pocket, and is meant to be admired, never opened. Founder Elaine Seamans is devoted to supporting animal welfare, and a portion of the sales from her designs help her non-profit At-Choo Foundation provide medical care for shelter dogs on a forever basis.

About the Maker

As a purveyor of whimsical treasures that can make even the most hardened cynic smile, At-Choo by Elaine Seamans transports us above the usual and mundane to a fantasy world filled with humor, comfort, love and wonder. At the heart of her creations is her belief that there is nothing greater than saving a life. In that vein, Seamans is dedicated to ensuring that dogs in extreme need of medical help are treated and saved through her non-profit At-Choo Foundation.

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