Incense Set with 3 Incense and Silver Burner


A three-scent incense set of jasmine, Nag Champa, and sandalwood, complete with silver burner


Why We Love This

This set of three classic incense variations of nag champa, sandalwood and jasmine allows anyone to create a sweet and sacred space at home. We love that the scents are designed for relaxation, and that the set comes with a round silver burner.


Burning incense is a superb way to clear and sanctify the energy of your home, create a relaxing mood, and make space for a higher vibration. Designer Sarah Lewis finds inspiration in her worldly travels, but is most at home in the earthy Redwood Forest of Northern California. Her signature incense draws upon her natural experiences and inspirations, and is mindfully crafted to invoke feelings of relaxation, peace and spaciousness. Ethically sourced raw materials, environmental sustainability, and a devotion to making a positive impact in the world are all values she cares deeply about.

About the Maker

Designer Sarah Lewis is the heart and soul of Tribe Jewelry, which uses ethically sourced raw materials as the starting point for handcrafted jewelry, accessories, and home décor. She finds her inspiration in worldly travels and the natural materials she loves such as stones, crystals, bronze, silver, gold and leather. She values environmental sustainability and craftsmanship when producing her art, which happens in India and Thailand, but mostly in her studio in Northern California.

Additional information

Weight 7.4 oz
Dimensions 7 × 9.5 × 1 in


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