Inner Life of Asanas : The Best of Hidden Language Hatha Yoga from Ascent Magazine


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Since 1999, Swami Lalitananda, has been the Hidden Language Hatha Yoga columnist at ascent magazine. Now, the best of her writing has been anthologized in a new instructional manual on the Hidden Language technique. Inspired by Swami Sivananda Radha’s Hatha Yoga: The Hidden Language, The Inner Life of Asanas blends real-life reflections with Hatha Yoga instruction and penetrating questions that point to the spiritual roots of the practice.The Inner Life of Asanas imparts the fundamental concepts of yoga in themed chapters, Awareness, Choice, Action, Devotion and Unity. Each chapter contains columns that explain, by example, how yoga and spirituality can bridge the outer world and inner life. Guided by the principles that Hidden Language is available to everybody, and that working with a limited number of postures is a teaching unto itself, The Inner Life of Asanas teaches 25 Hatha Yoga postures and offers thematically-tailored reflections that inspire a sense of investigation into the Self.From life in a contemplative mountain community to the heart of the inner city, from the beginning of the war in Iraq to delightful moments of childhood intuition, the stories and reflections in The Inner Life of Asanas invite readers to uncover the mystical aspects of Hatha Yoga and apply the Hidden Language to their own lives.Featuring the article that garnered Swami Lalitananda a National Magazine Award nomination, “The Yoga of Falling on Your Face,” The Inner Life of Asanas is an example of the fine writing that has made ascent magazine a three-time-recipient of Utne Magazine’s Independent Press Award for Best Spiritual Coverage.

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