Inner Passages Outer Journeys : Wilderness, Healing, and the Discovery of Self

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Getting out into the wilderness can provide profound inner healing and transformation. At first, you may think that nature has no path or pattern, but with experience and training you can see that it is there.

Similarly, the inner depths of the psyche seem to have no roads or maps. But if you use the idea of nature as a model, you can see that there must be diagrams to help guide you. Indeed, there are! And you can discover these inInner Passages, Outer Journeys by David Cumes, M.D.

Inner Passages, Outer Journeys links the essence of the wilderness experience with the diverse spiritual practices of Kundalini yoga, the Hebrew Kabbalah, the trance dance of the Bushmen of the Kalahari, and Peruvian shamanism. By combining all of these great mystical traditions with the insights of modern psychology, you will find a way to use the transformational powers of nature to access your inner landscape, your higher self.

In today’s world, where most of us live in cities, the practices in Inner Passages, Outer Journeys will allow you to do what people have done for thousands of years. Discover those secrets of nature that will help you trigger peak experiences, balance your inner and outer selves, and unblock your spiritual energies for true healing from the inside. If you live in a rural or country area, you will find new ways to enhance your experience of nature, making it a valuable aid on your spiritual path.

You have a chance to understand nature in a way that few people do, a way that can bring you peace, wisdom, healing, and that amazing feeling of unity with the universe that can fill you with deep spirituality. GetInner Passages, Outer Journeys today.

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