Intelligent Heart : A Guide to the Compassionate Life


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Practical instruction in a Tibetan Buddhist method for developing radical compassion–from a contemporary master with a gift for making the ancient teachings speak to modern hearts.

Dzigar Kongtr‚àö√•_l’s lively and accessible presentation of the Tibetan training method known aslojong (mind training) focuses on what he considers the heart of that practice:tonglen, the practice of exchanging self for other, for taking in others’ pain and suffering and sending out kindness, ease, and consolation. It’s a powerful method for developing compassion of the most tranformative kind, and its supreme expression is found in the classic text The Great Path of Awakening by Jamgon Kongtr‚àö√•_l. This book is Dzigar Kongtr‚àö√•_l’s commentary on that beloved text, based on a series of talks he gave on it. It includes his fresh translation of theGreat Path, and it is full of his characteristic humor as well as his skill in translating esoteric concepts into terms that not only are easily understood but that speak directly to the heart.

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