Intercultural Challenge of Raimon Panikkar – Paperback


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In The Intercultural Challenge of Raimon Panikkar, sixteen men and women steeped in the multi-layered, multi-cultural texture of Panikkar’s unique gifts are gathered to consider his profound contributions to philosophy of religions and interreligious dialogue. Born in Spain of a Spanish mother and Indian father, Panikkar is a Catholic priest who considers himself a practicing Hindu and a secularist as well as a Catholic. Professor Emeritus of the University of California, Santa Barbara, Panikkar holds doctorates in chemistry, philosophy, and theology and has given lectures worldwide, including the prestigious Gifford Lectures in Edinburgh (soon to be published by Orbis as The Rhythm of Being.) Panikkar’s many books include The Unknown Christ of Hinduism, The Silence of God: The Answer of the Buddha, and The Cosmotheandric Experience.

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