Is Your Pet Psychic? : Developing Psychic Communication With Your Pet – Paperback


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You probably know about some of the amazing feats regularly accomplished by animals, from salmon who navigate through hundreds of miles of water to their birthplace to spawn, to bloodhounds who can track the tiniest trace of a scent with noses one million times stronger than ours.

Although psychic powers such as telepathic communication have yet to be explained by modern science, all animals, both human and nonhuman, have the potential. But like any talent, psychic talent must be developed and practiced.

Part collection of amazing animal stories, part psychic manual, Is Your Pet Psychic? is your guide to understanding and developing your pet’s psychic powers.

̴ÌÁRead extraordinary tales of animal heroes, animal ghosts, and more
̴ÌÁDiscover how you can test your pet’s psychic abilities
̴ÌÁLearn how to communicate telepathically with your pet

The exercises in this book will help you and your pet develop the natural psychic potential inherent within all living things. As you experiment with them you will explore one of the true wonders of nature, and strengthen the special bond you share with your pet.

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