Isis Ring


Reclaimed metal ring in a gold patina depicting Isis rising


Why We Love This

Rebirth is a powerful and enduring concept that we find great value in, and this Isis Rising ring is a reminder to strike an empowered pose as we reach for our dreams and face life with a renewed sense of with power, energy and inspiration.


The Egyptian goddess Isis is one of the most enduring symbols of sacred femininity. Encouraging rebirth, personal power and creativity, Isis is fully displayed in this ring. She represents the infinite sky and is adored by the earthly followers who heralded her feminine energy as a conduit to the human spirit. This piece is forged from 100% reclaimed metal in a gold patina that will wear beautifully over time. Handmade in Los Angeles, all Alkemie Jewelry designs are lead- and nickel-free.

About the Maker

Los Angeles├▒based Alkemie Jewelry was founded by husband-and-wife design team Ashly Lowengrub and Dara Gerson. Specializing in transforming soft, organic forms into wearable art using 100% reclaimed metals, Alkemie creates unique pieces first through a lost wax process, then plays with the design, and finally casts the form in a solid piece of reclaimed metal. Their devoted followers resonate with the company’s social consciousness and dedication to eco-sustainable business practices. All of Alkemie’s one-of-a-kind pieces are handmade in California.

Additional information

Weight 4.8 oz



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