Japanese 5 Elements Scented Candle

A citrusy soy-wax candle scented with ginger, rose and quince, handmade in Japan


Why We Love This

Fire is said to symbolize our inner childóthe spirit withinóand we light this candle to ignite our creative spark. We love its citrusy and effervescent scent, with uplifting ginger, pure rose and the musky floral of quince.


Lighting a candle marks time for contemplation, meditation or simple relaxation. It adds ritual to the routine. This eco-friendly soy candle, handmade in Japan, is part of the Five Elements collection, inspired by a Japanese Buddhist philosophy that describes the power of the natural world. The candle is hand-poured into a recyclable glass vessel. Environmentally beneficial soy wax is a renewable resource, and its slow- and clean-burning properties help to purify the air. The attention to detail and materials is indicative of traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Each candle burns for 60 hours.

Additional information

Weight 16.0 oz

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