José Argüelles : Changing Our Definition of Time


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José Argüelles, the “Father of Harmonic Convergence,” on Changing Our Definition of Time

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José Argüelles, PhD (1939–2011) visited Bodhi Tree in 2003 to talk about time and its relationship to the natural rhythms of nature. Heavily influenced by the ancient Mayans, Argüelles, author of Time & The Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs, devoted his life to studying the nature of time, eventually creating Dreamspell, The Galactic Calendar or The 13 Moon/28-Day Calendar. His life’s work expressed a profoundly radical break with Western modes of thought, particularly around the Gregorian calendar, which, he believed, left modern man out of sync with nature. In this recording, he expounds upon his theory about why we must change our definition of time.


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