Karmic Palmistry : Explore Past Lives, Soul Mates & Karma

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Explore past lives, discover soul mates and spirit guides, and gain insight into your karmic potential with the help ofKarmic Palmistry. Written by an expert with over twenty years of experience reading palms, this is the only book that focuses on using palmistry to discover your unique spiritual development path for this lifetime.

At birth, both of your palms are very similar, representing your genetic and karmic potentials. As you mature, your dominant hand changes to reflect the direction your life actually takes, while the passive hand shows what you were meant to be.

Look at the lines in your own palms. Is the right hand significantly different from the left? If so, you will find this book especially useful. Learn how to identify your karmic talents, gifts, and challenges. Your spiritual blueprint is in the palm of your hand-decipher it, and you can use its guidance to create a successful and meaningful life.åÊåÊ

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