Kishu Charcoal


An activated charcoal stick to purify drinking water

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Why We Love This

In making this activated charcoal stick, Kishu Charcoal honors ancient Japanese practices and natural processes that have stood the test of time. We love how simply placing it into a pitcher of water naturally purifies it, filtering out impurities and enhancing the taste, without any waste. Just drop, drink and enjoy.


Set one hand-cut charcoal stick into a pitcher and fill with water. Only an hour or two is needed to optimally and organically purify tap water into natural spring water. Made by Japanese artisans, oak tree branches are sustainably harvested, then fired in an oven at extremely high temperatures, creating a refined carbon that’s ready to absorb impurities. One stick lasts about four months, then can be used as a deodorizer in the refrigerator or recycling bin. It also can be broken up and added to soil as an enriching supplement in the garden. Fully committed to an eco-conscious business practice, all Kishu Charcoal goods are parceled in recycled and compostable packaging.

About the Maker

In 2011, passionate water drinker and environmentalist Judith Bershof was tired of using traditional methods to filter tap water into a plastic pitcher, and asked herself, “What’s inside the plastic casing that actually does the filtering?” She learned the answer: activated charcoal, which has been used in Japan for thousands of years to purify drinking water. She then contacted artisans in Japan who specialize in the centuries-old method of making activated charcoal sticks, and Kishu Charcoal was born. This socially responsible company is committed to honesty, transparency and social awareness through its product line, its packaging and its distribution.

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