Klizia Vintage Style Italian Stapler

An ergonomic stapler with character, originally designed in the 1970s


Why We Love This

This office tool appears to be a smiling face in profile, with a rivet as an eye. Who wouldn’t want this little guy hanging out on their desk? With its plier-style design and comfortable grip, it fits into the palm of the hand to make it easy to actually use.


Handcrafted by a family-run factory outside Milan, Italy, this stapler is a perfect marriage of form and function. Made from enamel powder-coated metal and painted with a high gloss color, it’s durable as well as artful. Originally designed in the 1970s, this stapler still feels modern. With its well-made little mechanism, it can handle up to 16 sheets of paper at a time and holds 150 staples. The stapler comes with 1000 staples.

About the Maker

Ellepi is known for its iconic stapler, but also makes other thoughtfully designed metal office accessories. This family-owned, four-person factory in Cologno Monzese, Italy, right outside Milan, makes all of their products by hand so you know everything is created in the tradition of Italian craftsmanship. With a commitment to making daily office tools not only functional but also beautifully designed, they have developed a niche all their own.

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Weight 8.6 oz

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