Land by Land Senses: Incense Sticks with Brass Holder

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A single glass vial holding 50 32-degree incense sticks and a brass holder


Why We Love This

Using 100% natural ingredients and carefully blended fragrances, each and every handmade incense stick brings us closer to our sense of Home. Yet we also love the clever packaging for travel on-the-go. The simplicity, subtlety, and hint of the unknown in each travel bottleódistinct by varying degreeópiques our interest. These fragrant incense sticks are nature’s art, packaged with their own brass holder.


Incense burning has been used for a variety purposes from ceremonial events and overcoming harsh odors, to aromatherapy, meditation or just for simple pleasure. In Japan, incense appreciation is seen as an art form and bears the same sort of deep cultural meaning as traditional activities such as tea ceremonies, Ikebana, and Calligraphy. Agarwood and sandalwood are typically the two most commonly found ingredients in Japanese incense, with the former, also known as “Jinko,”ù often used in kodo (incense arts), and the latter, possessing some of nature’s most calming aromasóperfect for anyone seeking contemplation or enjoyment of a refined sensory experience.

About the Maker

After teaming up to collaborate on a private hair salon, Japanese-born friends Kanoko Mizuo and Tomoyo Kamio started developing unique and eco-friendly candles and incense. Using only all-natural fragrances and pure essential oils, the pair carefully form handcrafted candles and precise incense sticks in their small New York atelier. Since 2009, their work has gained quite a large cult following among women and menódespite an original goal of creating scents tailored only to men.

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