LBK Studio Encapsulations Sculpture

A delicate glass capsule filled with curios


Why We Love This

A modern and elegant take on the message in a bottle, these hand-blown glass pod encapsulations are certain to spark curiosity and conversation. String several side-by-side or hang just one, or place them on a mantel, altar or anywhere to bring nature’s gifts into any indoor space.


The maker of this vase set out to imbue each piece of her work with her own personal spirit and adoration of the sea. The shells, stones, seeds and feathers that fill these little natural time capsules were foraged by the artist herself in an attempt to merge the beauty of the outdoors, but also to give them some permanence. Like all of Laura Kramer’s work, they exude her fascination with nature and the landscape, as well as her ability to craft modern twists on historic ideas.

About the Maker

Glassmaker and artist Laura Kramer, of LBK Studio, handcrafts glass vessels that are both inspired by or incorporate elements from the ocean and other outdoor landscapes. Combing her love of nature and her background in archaeology and anthropology, Kramer’s work exudes both a modern and historic feel. Innovative and expressive, the glass is created in the artist’s Rhode Island studio.

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Weight 16 oz

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