LBK Studio Sargasso Bud Vases

Hand-blown glass bud vase, available in four colors


Why We Love This

Unique in shape and color, we love that the inspiration for this bud vase is the shorelineóthat slice where the water meets land. We think It’s a beautiful addition to any tabletop, mantel or home altar.


LBK Studio’s Laura Kramer created this elegant little bud vase to evoke the seaósalty air and waves lapping onto the sand. And like each wave, no two are alike. The long, narrow stem on the bulb-shaped bottom reveals the perfect combination of organic and controlled craftsmanship. Every piece is made by blowing from the furnace, casting in molds in the kilns, and/or using a lamp-working torch. The end result is a beautiful bud vase with a long neck, in clear glass or three translucent, moody colors.

About the Maker

Glassmaker and artist Laura Kramer, of LBK Studio, handcrafts glass vessels that are both inspired by or incorporate elements from the ocean and other outdoor landscapes. Combing her love of nature and her background in archaeology and anthropology, Kramer’s work exudes both a modern and historic feel. Innovative and expressive, the glass is created in the artist’s Rhode Island studio.

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Weight 3.7 oz


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