LBK Studio Seed Vase

A small bulbous glass vase, available in four colors


Why We Love This

Clear and imperfect like beach glass, we love that you can use one of these vases on its own to hold a few tiny blooms, or display several of them as a group for greater impact. The dreamy colors transport us to our favorite beach.


The maker of this vase set out to imbue each piece of her work with her own personal spirit and adoration of the sea. This bulb-shaped vase is no exception. And like each wave, no two are alike. Every one is made by blowing from the furnace, casting in molds in the kilns, and/or using a lamp-working torch. The Seed Vase offers a vintage feel with an innovative design, expressing the artist’s fascination with the natural world and the materiality of glass.

About the Maker

Glassmaker and artist Laura Kramer, of LBK Studio, handcrafts glass vessels that are both inspired by or incorporate elements from the ocean and other outdoor landscapes. Combing her love of nature and her background in archaeology and anthropology, Kramer’s work exudes both a modern and historic feel. Innovative and expressive, the glass is created in the artist’s Rhode Island studio.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 oz

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