Le Feu De LEau Scented Candle



Driven by a knowledge of art, beauty and fragrance, Le Feu De L’Eau makes a candle like no other. Handmade in Los Angeles, each one is created by a rare process where high-temperature wax is formed into a pillar shape underwater, rather than poured into a solid mold. With water shaping the candle, no two are exactly alike. Dyes are hand-mixed and fragrances are custom-blended from the finest ingredients. Freestanding—not in a jar or container—with a variegated surface, this candle is akin to an art object. Ignited, its hue glows and its scent allures. Each 16-ounce soy candle has an approximate burn time of 80 hours and measures 3½” x 4”.

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Weight 22.4 oz

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