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The Yogi Code with Yogi Cameron, Relax ebook, and Inner Journey Healing Bodhi Talk

The Body Learning Journey includes a teaching by Yogi Cameron, with practical exercises for deeper engagement; a Bodhi Talk podcast by spiritual teacher Brandon Bays; and an ebook download exploring rituals for relaxation. If you choose to join the Bodhi Collective, we will deduct the cost of this learning journey from your $99 yearly subscription.

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About this Journey

Body invites us to ground ourselves through daily spiritual practice. In his video teaching, Yogi Cameron guides us through the Yogi Code, exploring techniques to unlock our inner wisdom and achieve our highest potential. The Relax ebook encourages us to release our addiction to achievement and social media. In her Bodhi Talk, Brandon Bays guides us through an inner journey for healing.

What is Included

  1. The Yogi Code, a video teaching by Yogi Cameron. Cameron guides us in examining the self, relationships, purpose, and service in the world.
  2. Healing Through an Inner Journey with motivational speaker and author Brandon Bays, a Bodhi Talk exploring the physical link between suppressed negative emotions and cellular disease.
  3. Relax, an ebook offering rituals for stillness, from energy therapy to tapping techniques.

We We Love This

A former fashion model in Paris, Cameron has since dedicated decades to studying Ayurveda and ancient yogic traditions in India. He developed the Yogi Code to encourage a daily spiritual practice of tapping into inner wisdom. We love these techniques to embrace stillness and nourishment in an overstimulated world.

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