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Interrelational Astrology with Danielle Beinstein, Lunar Magic ebook, and Harnessing Sun Signs Bodhi Talk

The Cosmos Learning Journey includes Interrelational Astrology, a video teaching by Danielle Beinstein, complete with educational exercises for deeper engagement; a Bodhi Talk podcast by spiritual teacher Diane Eichenbaum; and an ebook download exploring Lunar Magic. If you choose to join the Bodhi Collective, we will deduct the cost of this learning journey from your $99 yearly subscription.

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About this Journey

Cosmos invites us to explore how planetary arrangements influence us, both personally and collectively. In her video teaching, Astrological Counselor Danielle Beinstein positions astrology as a tool to know ourselves better so that we can influence rather than simply react to events in our lives. The Lunar Magic ebook illuminates moon cycle rituals to help us release harmful habits and live with intention. In her Bodhi Talk, Diane Eichenbaum guides us in harnessing the power of our sun signs.

What is Included

  1. Interrelational Astrology, a video teaching by Astrological Counselor Danielle Beinstein. Beinstein explores concepts of fate and free will, explains Natal Charts, the Lunar Cycle, and Planetary Transit, and leads us through a new moon intentions ritual.
  2. Embracing the Power That is Your Birthright with astrologer, psychic, and metaphysical teacher Diane Eichenbaum, a Bodhi Talk exploring how we can harness the power of our sun signs to become who we are meant to be.
  3. Lunar Magic, an ebook exploring the moon’s cycles and rituals to release harmful habits and live with intention, from making fresh starts on the New Moon to letting go of what no longer resonates on the Full Moon.

We We Love This

While most people gravitate toward astrology to feel a sense of control over their lives, Cosmos repositions this ancient practice as a tool to navigate life in all its ever-changing magic. We love the possibilities of harnessing the power of the cosmos through ritual, intentions, and mindfulness practice.

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