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Intuitive Being with Jill Willard, Self Love ebook, and the Sixth Sense as our Spirit Language Bodhi Talk

The Spirit Learning Journey includes a teaching by Jill Willard, and offers a variety of exercises for deeper engagement; a Bodhi Talk podcast by spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette; and an ebook download exploring Self Love. If you choose to join the Bodhi Collective, we will deduct the cost of this learning journey from your $99 yearly subscription.

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About this Journey

Spirit invites us to explore the power of the moon, the stars, and our astrological charts. In her video teaching, meditation instructor Jill Willard shows us how to nurture intuition by enhancing the four aspects of being. The Self Love ebook helps us tap into our unique beauty and learn the steps to true self acceptance. In her Bodhi Talk, Sonia Choquette explores the sixth sense and the ‘language of spirit.’

What is Included

  1. Intuitive Being, a video teaching by meditation instructor Jill Willard. Willard encourages us to analyse our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies and examine wounds from our past which have yet to heal.
  2. Our Sixth Sense and the Language of Spirit with vibrational healer and six-sensory spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette, a Bodhi Talk that encourages us to access our intuitive, spiritual aspects.
  3. Self Love, an ebook exploring the relationship between stress, self esteem, and personal well-being.

We We Love This

Life is beautiful when we find the strategies to come into our power, and coming into power relies on tapping into spirit. Jill Willard, a gifted intuitive and medium, guides us through a morning ritual practice to center the self and enhance intuition. The Self Love ebook leads us through positive self-talk to define success on our own terms, as well as everyday tools to love the self and take control of our own narrative.

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