Life Is Real, Only Then, When I Am

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“I bury the bone so deep, the dogs have to dig to find it.” Life is Real, Only Then, When I Am, is the incomplete text of the third part of Gurdjieff‚Äôs All and Everything Series which includes Beelzebub‚Äôs Tales to his Grandson and Meetings with Remarkable Men. The purpose of this series, according to Gurdjieff, is to assist the arising – in the mentation and in the feelings of the reader – of a veritable, non-fantastic representation, not of that illusory world which he now perceives, but of the world existing in reality.”Gurdjieff‚Äôs style is intentionally difficult, as he purposefully violates the conventions of proper writing in order to force the reader to flex the muscles of the mind to glean the pearls of wisdom contained within.

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