Life Visioning Kit – Hardcover


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The spiritual laws of the universe are waiting to work for you-once you know how to apply them. With Life Visioning, Michael Bernard Beckwith offers a complete kit to help you consciously manifest your soul’s highest potential, and unfold a life of plenitude, purpose, creativity, and lasting fulfillment. Life Visioning includes:- Two CDs with guided practices for expressing and receiving infinite love, wisdom, and beauty through the Life Visioning Process- A 56-page workbook covering the four stages of spiritual growth; seven Life Structures and how to balance them; and how to use the spiritual technologies of meditation, affirmative prayer, and visualization- 30 cards grouped in two sets: one to guide your evolutionary journey, and one to inspire you on-the-spot with Michael’s profound teachings. “What the Divine wants from you is unprecedented,” teaches Michael Bernard Beckwith, “and literally beyond your imagination.” With Life Visioning, he offers you an immediate way to align your life with the ultimate source of creation.

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