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“No matter how good you are at dealing with stress, I strongly recommend The Little Book of Stress Relief. It provides an excellent framework for stress management, and is filled with great tips and insights. And it’s fun to read!”
–Peter G. Hanson, MD, author of the Joy of Stress

Intense stress is an integral part of modern life, and it seems to be getting worse. In controlled doses, stress helps individuals think faster and perform better – but left unchecked and unbalanced, it leads to fatigue, helplessness and a variety of unfortunate health complications. With people working harder, anxious about job loss and the ever-faster pace of life, and the ever-growing intrusion of technology, stress seems to be increasing constantly.

The Little Book of Stress Relief is a practical, breezy and entertaining book that changes the fundamental thinking and habitual lifestyle choices that contribute to heightened stress levels. There are helpful tips for making informed choices, adjusting how we think and taking the necessary steps to regain control.

Organized into 52 short chapters — one for each week of the year — the book uses stories and analogies to describe specific causes of stress, and follows with simple, concrete steps to manage them. Easy-to-grasp activities and exercises point the way towards the right amount of sleep, how to deal with procrastination and perfecting the art of setting priorities. The book’s layout allows readers to follow the tips in any order. Each chapter ends with a brief “prescription” summarizing key suggestions.

Here is a sampling of the topics in The Little Book of Stress Relief:

  • Do You Know Your Signs of Stress?
  • The Work-Life Balancing Act
  • Setting Boundaries and Limits
  • Reclaiming Ownership of Your Time
  • It’s Time to Plan Your Next Vacation
  • Dealing with Information Overload
  • The Tyranny of E-Mail
  • Living Your Life On — and Off — Social Media
  • Dealing with Clutter
  • Money and Stress
  • Dealing With Difficult People
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • The Importance of Social Support
  • The Little Book of Stress Relief is a helpful, inspiring and practical guide to alleviating the problems caused by stress.

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