Living, Dreaming, Dying : Practical Wisdom Fro the Tibetan Book of the Dead

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The Tibetan Book of the Dead is one of the best-known Tibetan Buddhist texts. It is also one of the most difficult texts for Westerners to understand. InLiving, Dreaming, Dying, Rob Nairn presents the first interpretation of this classic text using a modern Western perspective, avoiding arcane religious terminology, keeping his explanations grounded in everyday language. Nairn explores the concepts used in this highly revered work and brings out their meaning and significance for our daily life. He shows readers how theTibetan Book of the Dead can help us understand life and self as well as the dying process.

Living, Dreaming, Dying helps readers to “live deliberately”‚Ä∞√õ√ìand confront death deliberately. One thing that prevents us from doing that, according to Nairn, is our tendency to react fearfully whenever change occurs. But if we confront our fear of change and the unknown, we can learn to flow gracefully with the unfolding circumstances of life rather than be at their mercy.

Of course, change occurs throughout our life, but a period of transition also occurs as we pass from the waking state into sleep, and likewise as we pass into death. Therefore the author’s teachings apply equally to living as well as to dreaming and dying.

Through meditation instructions and practical exercises, the author explains how to:

‰_ Explore the mind through the cultivation of deep meditation states and expanded consciousness
‰_ Develop awareness of negative tendencies
‚Ä∞_ Use deep sleep states and lucid dreaming to increase self-understanding as well as to “train” oneself in how to die so that one is prepared for when the time comes
‰_ Confront and liberate oneself from fear of death and the unknown

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