Lonewa Incense Burner No. 1

An incense burner to hold incense sticks and cones, available in two types of wood

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Why We Love This

This incense burner combines modern design with an ancient ritual. This piece will spark conversation wherever it rests. Minimalist and with a midcentury feel, we love the simple shapes of this burner.


Whether It’s the black cube on the walnut base or the white cube on the ash base, or both side by side to create yin and yang balance in any room, this incense burner is a work of art. Its simple square-shaped holder is made with powder-coated aluminum in black matte or white porcelain finish. The square sits atop a wood and brass base where the burnt incense powder drops. Contemplate its beautyóor lifeówhile enjoying an incense-burning moment.

About the Maker

The makers of Lonewa, a clean and simple line of furniture and home accessories, use their outside influences and love of mid-century and Danish design to craft smart, multifunctional pieces that will endure changing trends and time. Based in Louisiana, the designers all of their pieces are either produced in-house or sourced locally, and all materials and components are made in the United States. The team of two has extensive knowledge of both conceptual design and wood craftsmanship.

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