Louis C.K. and Philosophy : You Don’t Get to Be Bored


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Charlie Rose has called Louis C.K. “the philosopher-king of comedy,” and many have detected philosophical profundity in his material.

Twenty-five philosophers examine the wisdom of Louis C.K. from a variety of philosophical perspectives. The chapters draw upon C.K.’s standup comedy, the show Louie, and C.K.’s other writings.

One writer looks at the different meanings of C.K.’s statement, “You’re gonna be dead way longer than you were alive.” One chapter shows the affinity of C.K.’s “sick of living this bullshit life” with Kierkegaard’s “sickness unto death.” Another pursues Louis’s thought that we may by our lack of moral concern “live a really evil life without thinking about it.”

C.K.’s insistence that ¬ìthings that are not can‚Äôt be‚Äù points to the philosophical problem of nothingness in relation to being. His religion is ¬ìapathetic agnostic,‚Äù conveyed in his thought experiment that God began work in 1982. Louis‚Äôs argument that you can have the kind of body you want if you make yourself want a disgusting, shitty body, is the Stoic ethics of Epictetus. And, as C.K. has shown in so many ways, the fact that we‚Äôre soon going to die has its funny side.

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