Lue Handcrafted Brass Spoon

Handcrafted, solid brass spoons in a variety of sizes


Why We Love This

These spoons change up the kitchen and dining experience just the way we like it. Highly skilled Japanese artisans meticulously make each and every one. We love how the slight variations and natural irregularities create an organic look and feel.


The warm color of these brass spoons adds an unexpected tone to a table setting. The dessert spoon, with its long handle and small scoop, is also great for iced tea or cocktail stirring. The ice cream spoon has a flat, wide scoop to carve into a frozen mound. The sugar ladle, with its arched handle, easily dips into a sugar bowl. The teaspoon, a classic shape with a wide, circular scoop, is at home on any saucer. The coffee measure, with its short handle and deep, wide scoop, makes a morning brew that much brighter. The wooden-handle spoon, a multi-use utensil, features warm brass set into a dark wood handle. Use for serving from small bowls or gather many as part of a table setting.

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