Magical Spells for Your Home : How to Bring Magic into Every Area of Your Life – Hardcover


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This book’s original approach takes readers through the home, room by room, focusing on life-enhancing spells, charms, and rituals that are appropriate for each living area. Living room spells promote relaxation and deflect everyday stress, while kitchen and dining room spells promote good health, friendship with neighbors, and easy communication around the dining table. Bedroom spells promote rest, but also enhance fertility and love-making, and bathroom spells cleanse the mind of confused thoughts and help the spell-caster attain inner harmony. There are additional spells for the front door and study rooms, as well as for the yard and garden. All of the approximately four dozen spells point out benevolent ways in which magic can be used to promote health, good relationships, and harmony throughout the entire household. Directions for casting each spell come with a list of ingredients, such as candles, herbs, and essential oils. More than 100 attractive color photos enhance the “recipes” for all of the book’s spells and help to create a propitious mood.

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